Epic nights of social dancing with local bands!

Social Dancing

Let’s face it. Social Dancing is where it’s at! It’s where you take what you’ve learnt in class and really consolidate it. Social dancing is all about having a conversation with your dance partner, the music and the dance itself. It is about being creative and having the freedom to express yourself musically.

To get you started, on the last Tuesday of every month, South West Swing puts on a social dance event at The River with live and local jazz legends, Doxy. The band play from 6:30pm in the back room. Have a dance, have a drink and stay and have dinner with us after it all wraps up. Keep an eye on our Facebook events page for more local social dancing opportunities as well as Perth Swing Dance Society for more dancing opportunities in Perth.

Whether you have just started dancing or have been dancing for a while, jump on in to the world of social dancing. You won’t be disappointed!

Photos by Fudz Qazi and Silvia Busetto

An awesome summery of Swing Dancing etiquette by Bobby White. The Lindy Hopper’s Etiquette poster is produced by Ron Dobrovinsky, Ilya Grigoriev, Maya Shapira and the Swing It team (Israel). Design – Ron Dobrovinsky.


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